Visual Merchandising

Present your retail space in a way that maximises your sales and delivers on strong brand cues.

With visual merchandising, there’s an insatiable need to surprise and inspire customers. But for it to be truly successful, it needs to deliver a consistent, reliable and impactful shopping experience to the customer every time.

Play Retail can help you plan and execute your visual directives in-store to engage, inspire and connect shoppers to your brand and increase sales.

Our national teams of qualified, experienced visual merchandise specialists will build brand impact in-store and save you money because we take all the guesswork out of the process.

No need to manage staff and communications – we do that for you and have a state of the art reporting system that will not only show you the results but measure them too. Play Retail has the experience and tools to show you how.


Our Visual Merchandising process is simple. We have taken the bulk out of any lengthy process to deliver the best overall outcome.

1. Brief and booking schedule from client

2. Visual Merchandising Directives from client to upload to box

3. Visual Merchandiser executes directives in-store

4. Visual Merchandiser uploads photos in real-time to Box

5. Client is notified of completed Visual Merchandising visits

6. Images go live for your viewing, commentary and feedback

Play Dashboard

A great feature from our visual merchandising programs is Play Dashboard. A reporting system tailored to your needs to provide you with the relevant feedback and field visibility you require. This can be presented to you weekly via a dashboard-style report with example images below, as an optional cost.

Customised to provide regular feedback that is important to your business, this can include analytics such as:

● How VM time was spent in-store, refill time vs merchandising time for example
● New product drop availability/store processing delays
● Stock levels including any low stock red flags
● Competitor activity and share of voice

Objectives and Time Pie Chart

Case Study


Lacoste’s major volume sales driver in Australia is wholesale channels, David Jones and Myer. With over 100 touchpoints in this market, Lacoste required resource support to service and maintain their product in-store to the Lacoste global brand standards


Lacoste partners with Play Retail to utilise our geographical people reach to service key Myer and David Jones stores across Australia, providing engaged and skilled visual merchandisers to deliver the Lacoste global merchandising directive. Constant collaboration between Play and Lacoste to ensure the selected VM team is fully trained on Lacoste directive. 


Impactful and engaging Lacoste displays throughout Myer and David Jones stores, ensuring maximum stock capacity, achieving consistent brand presence and driving sell-through.

“Having worked with the Play Retail team significantly for visual merchandising executions across wholesale partner retail environments, I cannot speak highly enough of their services across visual merchandising, brand execution and retail display and communication support.”

“The Play Retail team work thoroughly to execute our visual directives to provide a strong in-store presence for our brand. Working in association with our retail partners, the team develop and maintain working relationships with the stores, as well as delivering high quality display and visual merchandising results for our product in store.”

“The head office support team, as well as their professional and highly reliable staff working on-site and out in the field, provide all communication with a considerate levels of quality feedback and presentation.”

Sasha – Reebok

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